“DOH! Missed it by a smidge!” was my first thought when I looked at the CCMP Exam Requirements and realized I took my Prosci Change Management Certification just over seven years ago – and thus it wouldn’t count for the 21 Hours of instructor-led change management training requirement.

As a result, I set about investigating my options to re-fulfill this requirement. My initial stop was ACMP’s QEP (Quality Education Provider) Registry of Change Management Courses to see where or how I could line up my training; in my perfect world hoping for something local or online vs having to travel. I had made the assumption that I would need to repeat my PROSCI training, but then I came across a course that truly intrigued me… not only was it online and met the 21 credits exactly, but it was also focused expressly on The ACMP Standard, was delivered over four Fridays in September and was extremely cost effective at $630US ($530US for ACMP members).

Having written the PMP exam back in 2002, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to be a “here’s how to pass the exam” course; one rich on exam writing tips and tricks but weak on content. I was encouraged though by the company’s description of their course “Our CCMP training is not a check the box training course just to allow you to pass your exam. We train you in the practical implementation of The Standard and how to use it as a foundation for your Change Management Office or Centre of Excellence”. As a result, I decided to go for it and I signed up for jTask’s Virtual Instructor-Led training course. For those unfamiliar with the company, jTask is out of Silicon Valley and they specialize in Change Management. They were one of the early QEP’s and worked very closely with ACMP to ensure their content met ACMP’s standards. The Instructor, Roger Watson, was not only an effective teacher, but also a seasoned practitioner – and this made all the difference.

For the record, I am not compensated by, or affiliated with, jTask. I merely found the course, took the course, enjoyed the course and found tremendous value in it. As a result, and given how many are becoming interested in this field and the CCMP exam, I wanted to share my experience should any ACMP Manitoba Chapter Members or ACMP Manitoba Chapter Friends be wondering about a good way (in my opinion!) to obtain their 21 credits to write the exam, or simply learn more about The Standard itself.

The classes ran four Fridays from 10:00-4:00 Central Time and it was action packed focused, geared to maximize our time with only two 10 min breaks and one 25 min lunch break. Our first class was an overview and introduction to The Standard and Change Management Process. Class two was focused on Change Impact and Organization Readiness. Class three was dedicated to the Change Management Strategy and Plan sections and Class four was all about the Execution of Change Management Plan and Completion of Effort.

There were six of us in the class – one other Canadian and the rest Americans. Two were Consultants and three were in a Federal Government capacity. It was a good mix with good discussion, experience and perspective. The delivery of the training and small class size reminded me of taking my MBA - where I learned from both the Prof (Instructor) as well as through the stories of my classmates; and the knowledge gained from each was valuable.

The instructor used GoTo Training (a variant of GoTo Meeting) which was very effective in that he was able to have us do quick quizzes, see the results, and discuss where we had challenges answering something. We were also able to share our individual desktops to walk through various exercises we did. The materials were robust, printable, and available to us on a secure training website. Each participant also received a flash card deck to help us with memorizing definitions and the order of various processes. Unexpected, but extremely helpful, were the number of checklists that j-Task provided; lists they had put together of the deliverables or various activities. And yes, they definitely provided some insight and guidance on the Exam which was also extremely helpful. But more importantly, the deep dive into The Standard transcends the Exam, and will make anyone a more informed and stronger practitioner or lead. One Change model or methodology is not stressed over another; instead jTask views, and teaches, that The Standard is practical, and useful across all types of change and change models.

All training can have its delivery challenges and this one was not exempt. During one class jTask’s internet service provider had an outage. Not only did the Instructor work to catch us up, but jTask also immediately provided each of us with a small credit to our course fee. It’s understandable that these things happen, but I definitely appreciate how they handled it.

If this training is something of interest to you, jTask’s next sessions  are running in January and March. I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone has on it and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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